Event Staff

Rev. Rob Henderson
Event Coordinator
Email: robh@shininglakes.org

Rev. Rob Henderson has been involved with the Ann Arbor Pagan community since 1990 when he was a student at the University of Michigan. He was the Senior Druid of Shining Lakes Grove, the local congregation of Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF), and completed the First Circle of ADF’s Clergy Training Program. He has been an ADF Priest since 2002 and performed rituals at ConVocation, Michigan Pagan Fest, and Detroit Pagan Pride Day.

Kai Belcher-Ross (they/them)
Public Relations Coordinator
Email: sanctuaryontheshore@gmail.com

Kai is a spirit worker and priest of An Mórrígan that has been a practicing pagan and polytheist for over a decade. They have studied various magical traditions and mainly focus on Irish tradition and Fairy Witchcraft. As a spirit worker, they write prayers and create sacred art as a way to serve their community and bring people closer to the divine. They are also well-versed in Tarot, scrying, and other forms of divination, which they use primarily for spiritual accounting services. More information can be found on their website.

Email: nicole@livingrootscreations.com

Josie Kusner

Sarenth Odinsson
Email: Sarenth@gmail.com

Sarenth Odinsson is a Northern Tradition shaman and priest of Odin and Anubis. He serves as the co-priest of Crossroads Tabernacle Church. Sarenth compiled and edited the devotional anthology Calling to Our Ancestors from Asphodel Press, and has contributed to several devotional books by Asphodel Press, Sanngetall Press, and Bibliotheca Alexandria. He has written for RendingtheVeil.com, and Witches & Pagans magazines. He holds a B.S. in Psychology from Eastern Michigan University and his passions include writing, teaching, religion, and sustainable living. He can be contacted through email or his blog.