2022 Pagan Pride Schedule

11:00 AM

Opening Prayer
Rev. Rob Henderson

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Walking the Balance with Trickster
Lord Solinox Silverstar

Trickster is more than just chaos and witty banter. Learn from Lokean priestx Lord Solinox Silverstar what it means for some to serve the trickster gods, how to find the laughter in any life, the responsibilities of illuminating boundaries and pointing out weaknesses in the world, and how to overcome pain and strife to find a life of meaning and joy…if you dare to walk the Path!

You’re Grounded

You’re Grounded! We hope… Join Maleck for a hands-on, disability, neurodivergence, and aphantasia informed workshop of energetic hygiene basics. Grounding, Centering, Shielding, Cleansing, these energetic basics are the backbone of much spiritual work. Whether you’re an old hat occultist looking to brush up or a complete newcomer looking for definitions, everyone is welcome to come work on these basic skills

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

The Horned Lord
A.C. Fisher Aldag

Europeans know him as Cernunnos, the Bucca, Herne, the Stag King, and the Horned Lord. He has been dancing in caves since paleolithic times, he appeared often in Roman statuary, he’s a figure of British Isles ritual dramas… yet the Horned God is also revered worldwide. Join us as we explore his history.

Intuitive Tarot and You

Many have studied the Tarot and its symbols, but how do we dive deeper? Join Kai as they discuss what Intuitive Tarot is and how you can start learning more about the Tarot (and yourself) through working deeper with this divination system.

1:00 PM – 1:30 PM

Shopping Break

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

Basics of Heathen Magic
Sarenth Odinsson

This workshop will explore the concepts and practices of various forms of Heathen magic. We will explore what we know from the sources we have, and what ways these are similar and different from our modern practices. Among the topics we will explore will be galdr, seiðr, spá, taufr, hamfara, and Runework. Please bring your questions and experiences!

The Battle Crow Calls – Honoring The Mórrígan in Times of War, Strife, and Prophecy

We live in tumultuous times, rife with conflict and uncertainty. Who better to call to than the Irish goddess known for their battle prowess, sorcery, prophecy, and satire? Join this lecture, led by Kai, as we explore various aspects of the Mórrígna and how Their strengths can translate into your life.

2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Main Ritual: “Weaving Community”
Weavers of the Web ATC

A pagan community is a group of people sharing a belief in the sacredness of the world around us and our obligation to work together to make it better for all. Join Lord Solinox Silverstar and the Weavers of the Web as we explore how community grows and what strengths and experiences each person brings to make it stronger and brighter than the sum of its parts.

3:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Shopping Break

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Traditional Witchcraft Practices for Psychic Self-Defense and Spiritual Protection
Rocky Shadowbear Rains

Tried and true methods of Folk Magic and Traditional Witchcraft to keep negative energies out of your home and head.

Reconstructing Animal Cultus: How To

Animal cults and Animal associated deities are seen all over the world and across time in pre-Christian eras. Reconstruction of these cultuses by modern pagans can be a challenge, from where to start to why, to practical application. Maleck runs through the basics of Who, What, When, Where, and Why of how to go about these Reconstructions with both practical and hypothetical examples.

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Polytheism 101
Sarenth Odinsson

This lecture/discussion will dig into the basics of what polytheism means, and how it is lived. We will be exploring how we can use literary and archaeological resources as springboards and foundations to polytheist traditions. We will also explore what the Gods, Ancestors, and spirits are, how we relate to Them as polytheists, and how to engage Them with respect.

Cutting Cords and Mending the Self

We build connections with others throughout our lives that form the foundation of family, friendship, and spiritual bonds. But what do you do when those connections become toxic? Let’s talk boundaries, shielding, and energy work in this practical and powerful class.

6:00 PM

Closing Prayer
Rev. Rob Henderson

— Presenter info —

A.C. Fisher Aldag practices a British Isles Folkloric Tradition of Nature Spirituality. She is the author of “Common Magick”, available from Llewellyn, and “The Charismatic, Enigmatic Cernunnos” article in BBI’s “Witches and Pagans” magazine. She lives in beautiful Bangor, Michigan, which is so small, it does not have a traffic light.

Kai (they/them) is a spirit worker and priest of An Mórrígan that has been practicing paganism and polytheism for over a decade. They have studied various magical traditions and mainly focus on native Irish tradition (through the Irish Pagan School), Fairy Witchcraft (via Morgan Daimler), and Star Worship. As a spirit worker, they write prayers and create sacred art as a way to serve their community and bring people closer to the divine. They are also well-versed in the Tarot, scrying, and other forms of divination, which they use primarily for spiritual accounting services.

Maleck is a Heathen and Pack Tradition Initiate with a strong focus on animal cultus, Jotnar, and the Wild Hunt. With years of experience tutoring both in and outside of esoterica and paganism, Maleck’s approach focuses on blending historical sources with personal experience.

Nicole is the botanist behind the Witchy Weed project and an experienced pagan practitioner across a variety of paths for over 20 years. She is a devotee of Loki and the owner of Living Roots Creations. When not hunting plants or making witchy things, she can be found relaxing in Ann Arbor with her extended family.

Rev. Rob Henderson is an Ordained Priest of Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF), and the Event Coordinator for Ann Arbor Pagan Pride.

Rocky Shadowbear Rains has been a practitioner of Traditional Witchcraft for over 40 years.

Sarenth Odinsson is a Heathen spirit worker, goði, and priest of Odin and Anubis. He compiled and edited the devotional anthology Calling to Our Ancestors released by Asphodel Press, and has contributed to several devotional books by Bibliotheca Alexandria. He has written for RendingtheVeil.com, and Witches & Pagans magazines. With James Stovall and Caitlin Storm, he co-hosts the podcast Around the Grandfather Fire, covering topics from Animism to Polytheism, Shamanism to Psychology, and Science to Pop Culture. With Maleck Odinsson he co-hosts the YouTube Channel 3 Pagans on Tap. He can be contacted at Sarenth at gmail.com, or his blog at Sarenth.wordpress.com. To support his work or schedule a reading, his Patreon is here: http://www.patreon.com/sarenthodinsson

Lord Solinox Silverstar is the founder of Lansing’s Weavers of the Web, ATC, a third-degree priestx in the WISE-ATC tradition, a graduate and teacher of the Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary, and the owner of Keys To Manifestation in Lansing. A talented ritualist and teacher, Solinox is dedicated to strengthening and growing the local pagan community.